Copperweld Acquires Seminole Wire & Cable

Jun 12 2020

Copperweld Group, Inc., a part of Kinderhook Industries, LLC, acquired Seminole Wire & Cable Co., Inc., Pennsauken, NJ, a producer and supplier of specialty wire and cable and value added fimished products.

Founded in 1962, Seminole manufactures blasting & connecting wire for mining, buried wire for pet containment and AV wire for broadcasting. Seminole also supports clients with research and development, product design and labeling/branding.

The acquisition of Seminole brings key value-added wire extrusion and other manufacturing capabilities in-house for Copperweld and ultimately takes the Copperweld brand directly to the end customer. Seminole also bolsters Copperweld’s wire finishing processes including cabling, braiding and assembly. Copperweld will leverage Seminole’s highly capable research and development team to promote quicker new product development and new advanced testing processes.

“Partnering with Seminole will allow Copperweld to have more direct relationships and interaction with end users, ultimately allowing us to better serve our customers,” said Craig York, Chief Executive Officer of Copperweld. “Furthermore, Copperweld will be able to offer bimetallic solutions to many Seminole customers currently using alternative products, as Copperweld bimetallics can offer better form, fit and function.”

“This strategic transaction provides upstream manufacturing capabilities that will support Copperweld production across multiple product lines as the business continues to grow” said Paul Cifelli, Managing Director at Kinderhook. “We look forward to seeing Copperweld leverage Seminole’s expertise in these production areas.”