Avient Combines PolyOne with the Clariant Color & Additive Masterbatch Businesses

Jul 2 2020

PolyOne completed the acquisition of Clariant’s global color and additive masterbatch business.  The combined business will be called Avient Corp., and be comprosed of 3 separate business units: Speciaty Engineered Materials, Avient Distribution and Color, and Additives & Inks where the legacy Clariant Masterbatch business will now reside. Michael Garratt, is President, responsible for Europe, the Middle East & Africa and Woon Keat Moh, President, with responsibility for the Americas & Asia

Avient's expanded and complete product lines for the wire and cable industry includes:
-OnColor™ concentrates to meet requirements standard specifications including RAL, IEC, BS and AFNOR
-OnCap™ Masterbatch solutions for a broad range of polymer compositions, addressing needs for insect and animal resistance,  UV stabilizers, foaming agents, high speed laser marking and dry silane additives.
-ECCOH™ Non-Halogenated formulations to deliver high flame retardance with extremely low toxicity and smoke density
-Syncure™  two-step, silane-grafted, moisture cross-linkable polyethylene systems (XLPE) for improved heat, oil, creep and abrasion resistance
-Maxxam™ non-halogenated polypropylene copolymers incorporating flame retardant and foaming agents.
-Firecon™ CPE jacketing formulations
-Colorant Chromatics™ Cross-Linkable formulations to withstand high temperatures and offer superior cut-through resistance, abrasion resistance and mechanical toughness and dispersed pigments for use in PEEK, ECTFE/ETFE,FEP, PFA, MFA & THV polymer compositions.
-GLS™ OnFlex™ Thermoplastic Elastomers for soft, thermoplastic jacketing
-Fiber-Line products for use in 5G, fiber-optic constructions, ripcords, packing yarn, swellable fibers, wire harnesses, strength members, constructed leveraging Kevlar® , Nomex®, Vectran® (LCP), Zylon® (PBO), Carbon, PET Polyester, Fiberglass, and Novoloid chemistries.

Garratt said the merger of the two leading color and additive suppliers will enhance Avient’s ability to engage with customers to solve complex material science problems. The combined company now has a significant global footprint with a broad base of manufacturing capacity and capability. Both legacy companies continue to invest in R&D, and that strategy will continue.

No immediate changes or actions by customers are required. Avient is intent for customers to see no disruptions resulting from the merger. It should remain  “business as usual” as contacts and customer relationships will remain unchanged in the early days of the integration.