IWCS Adds Corning's Gimblet to Board

Feb 10 2018

Michael J. Gimblet, Global Technology Manager – Connector Development, joined the IWCS Symposium Commitee.

At Corning, Gimblet is responsible for Corning Optical Communications’ Global Connector Process Development group that serves customers in the enterprise, carrier and wireless networks around the world.  He holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Clemson University.

His career began in 1993 as a Development Engineer in Cable Technology and he has worked in various technical roles in Research and Commercial becoming an established leader and subject matter expert within Corning and the Industry.  He has held roles as an Applications Engineer and Senior Project Manager along the way.  Due to the interactions with cable and connectors, Mike has gained valuable connector experience and transitioned to Connector development after being in Cable for 25 years.  His experiences have taken him to various parts of the Globe to meet with many customers and he has had a passion for applications, fundamental understanding and customer problems.

He has been granted 45 United States Patents, which most have also been foreign filed.  He attended IWCS Symposium for many years and co-authored several papers.  Michael has been honored with multiple awards, to recognize his work  and leadership within Corning.