Omni Cable Business as Usual with New Owner Dot Holdings

Jul 30 2019

Omni Cable Corporation (OmniCable), West Chester, Pa., signed an agreement to be acquired by a subsidiary of Dot Holdings Co (DHC), which is owned by Dot Family Holdings (DFH).
DFH is focused exclusively on acquiring leading middle-market distribution companies with a special interest in master/two-step distribution and any national distribution models.  The company is predominantly known for food distribution.
Jeff Siegfried, OmniCable Chairman and CEO, said that DFH understands OmniCable’s core values, redistribution, our logistics expertise, and unyielding pursuit of perfection to service OmniCable’s customers.
OmniCable will continue to operate as usual with no changes to the company’s organizational structure, products, services, and mission. OmniCable continues to be a premier redistributor of wire and cable, electrical products, and value-added services for electrical distributors in the United States and Canada