WCISA Awards $12,550 in Scholarships in 2019

Sep 26 2019

The Board of Wire and Cable Industry Suppliers Association (WCISA) based on a large number of scholarship applications and requests this year decided to award multiple annual scholarships in 2019, including two special scholarships for a programs organized by the Internatonal Wire and Cable Symposium.  The 2019 winners are listed below along with the WCISA Member Company that they are associated with, either as an employee, intern or as a child or grandchild of an employee.

WCISA 2019 High School Graduate Scholarship Winners:
Abel Keeley, Davis-Standard, LLC: $1,000
Virginia Blandford, Miltec UV: $550
Abigail Christman, Davis-Standard, LLC: $550
Ryan Dancy, Roteq Machinery Inc.: $550
Lily Richards, RichardsApex, Inc., $550
Chloe Ruelle, Condat Corporation: $550
Camille Stevenson, Davis-Standard, LLC: $550
WCISA 2019 Employee & Intern Scholarship Winners:
Alaina Mello, Teknor Apex Company: $1,000
Nadine Dickter, Davis-Standard, LLC: $750
Madhavi Kanetkar, REELEX Packaging Solutions, Inc.: $500

WCISA 2019 Special Scholarships:
$3,000 contribution to the IWCS “Wire & Cable Industry Student Scholarship Fund at Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute” and a $3,000 contribution to the IWCS “Wire & Cable Industry Student Scholarship Fund at Georgia Tech University” The research in these programs will be in the fields copper and aluminum wiring, polymer coatings, optical fibers and fiber optic cable.