Sequel Wire & Cable Ramping Up for 2020

Nov 4 2019

Sequel Wire and Cable, continues start-up operations in Argos, Indiana, through the first quarter of 2020 with full production anticipated by the end of Q2 2020.

According to Rich Carr, CEO, Sequel's cable manufacturing focus will be on the OEM sector.  The company will start out by making a wide variety of UL, CSA, and customer specific “skinny” wires that can be used in the appliance, automotive, RV, and other OEM markets, he said.

Rich Carr successfully ran Copperfield during the 1990s and later sold the business to Coleman Cable in 2007.  Carr is joined by three other owners including Denise Feece, CFO, who has 10 years of experience formerly at Copperfield in accounting and corporate planning and at Southwire's OEM division.  James Merritt will serve as an advisor.  He has five years of wire and cable experience formerly as Copperfield’s CFO.  Greg Miller, fourth partner, will act as a business advisor.

The plant will be managed by Andy Carr who has nearly 20 years of wire and cable experience.  Andy, son of Rich, has experience starting up three new facilities including one in Nogales, Arizona for Copperfield, one in El Paso, Texas for Coleman Cable, and now this new Sequel facility.  Additionally, he has held various plant management positions at Copperfield, Coleman Cable, and Southwire.

The company is managing general inquiries via email at or