Sequel Fully Operational - Adds Frigo as CCO

Oct 14 2020

Sequel Wire and Cable, Argos, Indiana, established late last year, worked through start-up operations during the first two quarters of this year and is now supplying cables to the target markets the company identified including UL, CSA, and customer specific “skinny” wires for the appliance, automotive, RV, and other OEM markets.

Founder Rich Carr, CEO, said that the company has been particularly well positioned to become a key supplier to the recreational vehicle market which has seen large demand increases as people began to travel in RVs during the pandemic.

One key addition to the company's leadership team was Mike Frigo, Chief Commercial Officer, who has 40 years of experience specifically with OEM customers based on is prior positions with Camden Wire, Therm-O-Link, Copperfield, Coleman Cable, and Southwire where he held leadership positions in finance, manufacturing and sales.   Frigo joins Carr, Denise Feece, CFO; and Andy Carr, Plant Manager, to assist with day to day operations.

Sequel's production actually started in March 2020 with its first sale occurring in early April 2020.  Insulating production followed in mid-July 2020, and since August the company has been serving the markets in full production and sales capacity.  The company invested in equipment capable of producing primary wire in the 30 to 6 gage range.

Carr explained that Sequel has made significant investment in both human and capital resources, and its team has developed exceptional synergy by implementing its Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS).  EOS is a set of concepts and practical tools aimed at helping leadership teams get better at three things: Vision – getting everyone in our organization 100% on the same page with where Sequel is going and how we plan to get there; Traction – instilling focus, discipline, and accountability throughout Sequel so that everyone executes on the vision every day; and Health – helping Sequel leadership become a more cohesive, functional, and healthy leadership team.

Sequel’s implementation of EOS during the start-up phase of the business is helping to make sure that each employee is focused on the right priority and that everyone throughout the organization knows what those priorities are.  It is very powerful to have everyone in the organization pulling in the same direction and to be able to do this from the very beginning is helping to instill these roles and expectations from the very start.

Carr said that Sequel’s core focus is "To humbly revolutionize every facet of the wire and cable industry”.  "With our 100+ combined years of experience, we believe that we have a good understanding of what works well in the industry and what doesn’t work so well.  Our company is driven to care about others (the company, colleagues, clients, employees), be trustworthy, direct, get stuff done and never accept good enough as enough," he said.