Farese Inducted Into Women in Manufacturing Hall of Fame

Oct 26 2023

Nancy Richards Farese, member of Southwire’s Board of Directors and daughter of the company’s founder, Roy Richards Sr., was recognized as one of the Women in Manufacturing Hall of Fame inductees for 2023.

“It was such an honor to accept this award,” said Richards Farese. “Southwire continues to make big strides in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and sustainability, and I am really proud of how we continue to hold to our responsibility to always do good in the world. We recognize the importance of collaboration in our industry, and I think that my father would have been amazed to see the impact women are having on the manufacturing industry today.”

The WiM Hall of Fame celebrates those who have spent their careers paving the way, building communities of support, challenging this industry to be the very best it can be and showcasing the potential within every woman working in manufacturing. These women exemplify the best of the best and highlight WiM’s collective responsibility to ensure that all women working in manufacturing have the opportunities and support they need to succeed.

“It is an exciting time to be in our industry, and it is imperative that Southwire continues to be an employer of choice. We work to sustain an inclusive culture that values diversity and offers equity to all,” said Norman Adkins, Southwire’s Chief Operating Officer. “Southwire is proud to have been a sponsor of this year’s Women in Manufacturing (WIM) Summit, and we want to continue to help forge new pathways for future generations of women in manufacturing.”