Activities & Services

For over 35 years, WCMA has been keeping the wire and cable industry connected and informed, primarily about industry developments, company news, and market conditions.  

Distinguished Career Recognition

The annual WCMA Distinguished Career Award recognizes a group of outstanding individuals who have contributed significantly to the wire and cable industry and their companies. WCMA Members nominate Industry executives and contributors followed by a selection process by a Committee of prior recipients and the WCMA Board.

Additionally, WCMA also supports career recognition events hosted by other industry associations.

Industry Education

The WCMA website provides a corporate directory and publishes industry news, frequently about privately held companies that does not make mainstream headlines. Keynote speakers present at WCMA events providing economic updates, materials developments, and other commercial topics.   WCMA also actively promotes educational events hosted by industry collaborators such as Wire Association International, Wire & Cable Suppliers Association, International Wire and Cable and Connectivity Symposium, American Copper Council, and others.

Networking and Fundraising

WCMA produces premier events that bring together owners, executives, key technical and commercial managers together for networking, the exchange of information, and to promote the wire and cable industry.  Based on association growth, WCMA in recent years has been able to increase donations in support of  scholarship programs offered by Wire Association International, International Wire & Cable Symposium, and American Copper Council.