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Membership Industry Segments

Wire & Cable Manufacturers’ Alliance, Inc. serves the wire & cable industry, specifically the current and signal carrying  electrical and electronic industry segments.   We recommend that companies involved in producing ferrous, aluminum, and alloy wire and cable for mechanical applications seek membership with our collaborators such as Wire Association International, Wire & Cable Industry Suppliers Association, and American Wire Producers Association.

Membership Criteria

  • U.S-owned companies, or multi-national companies with  established U.S. or North American manufacturing operations as well as wire and cable processing companies and major distributors also with established U.S. and North American operations.
  • Processing and distribution companies fabricating and/or selling products with at least 50% or more U.S. manufactured content.     WCMA membership is not open to importers or suppliers not meeting these requirements, however, WCMA allows open participation at its events by guests, space permitting.
  • Wire and cable industry suppliers, also U.S.-owned companies, or multi-national companies with established manufacturing operations or divisional operations in the U.S.

Categories Include the following (please call if you have questions):

  • Copper and Aluminum Rod
  • Bare Conductor Producers (Copper, Alloys, Aluminum)
  • Insulated Wire and Cable Producers
  • Wire and Cable Fabricators – Harnesses and Assemblies
  • Regional or National Wire and Cable Distributors (supplying 50%+ US content)
  • Materials – Plastic, Rubber, All Tapes, Colorants, Additives
  • Capital Equipment -Drawing, Fabricating, Extruding
  • Auxiliary Equipment – Handling, Testing/Measuring/Packaging
  • Auxiliary Supplies – Reels, Packaging

Application and Approval Process

New members seeking to join WCMA will submit an online membership application (see link below).  The WCMA Board of Directors will review applications and approve/decline normally within 48 hours. Board review is confidential.

Corporate Rates – Single versus Multiple Entity

  • $425 - Single Company – One Member directory entry with up to (3) contacts listed
  • $725 – Multiple Entity – For larger companies with two or more Member directory entries and locations, unlimited contact listings


  • Membership allows a each company the following:
  • One vote at WCMA business meetings
  • Nominations for Board of Director members
  • Nominations for the Annual Distinguished Career Award
  • Discounted fees for the Annual Meeting and Luncheon and Golf Outing
  • Email contacts (unlimited) receive WCMA announcements and newsletters
  • Distribution of any reports or information resources made available to WCMA Members

Online Membership Application