Orbia Polymer Solutions (Alphagary) introduces new jacket compounds that provide enhanced flexibility and safety performance for cables installed in data centers

May 13 2024

In response to the booming demand for data centers driven by the expansion of artificial intelligence (AI) applications, Orbia Polymer Solutions (Alphagary), a leading provider of innovative compounds and materials, announces the launch of jacketing compounds engineered to optimize safety and performance of data center cables.

Data centers are the backbone of today’s technology infrastructure, providing essential services ranging from cloud computing to digital storage. With the growth of AI technologies, the need for data centers has surged, emphasizing the critical importance of ensuring the safety and reliability of data center cables.

Backed by research and testing to achieve optimal mechanical and flame-retardant performance, Orbia Alphagary has developed compounds that withstand high levels of fire testing—including the European CPR B2ca standard as well as the U.S. NEC plenum standard—all while maintaining robust data transfer capabilities. Additionally, these compounds are formulated for enhanced flexibility: a critical quality for installers faced with fitting cables to confined areas.

Key features of Orbia Alphagary compounds for data center cables include:

1. High-Level Fire Performance: Engineered to meet the most stringent fire safety standards in both Europe and the United States, Orbia Alphagary's compounds offer exceptional flame retardancy where it matters.

2. Robust Data Transfer Capability: Orbia Alphagary's compounds offer enhanced data transfer capabilities for reliable communication and minimal signal loss.

3. Increased Flexibility: Designed to accommodate high-bend requirements typical in data center installations, Orbia Alphagary's compounds offer increased flexibility for easier installation and maintenance.

4. Non-Halogen and PVC-Based Options: Orbia Alphagary offers a range of compounds including non-halogen MEGOLON and PVC-based SMOKEGUARD formulations to meet diverse application needs and adhere to environmental and regulatory requirements.

For more information about Orbia Alphagary's next-generation compounds, please visit alphagary.com.